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Matthew Adams: How did a "slogger" who has already retired manage to get rid of arthritis and osteochondrosis within a month?

How to heal joint pain?

I want to share the story how I`ve cured the arthritis of my knee joints and the osteochondrosis of my lumbar disc. I am not a doctor, so I cannot explain how it works. I just tell you how it was.

I am 62 year old pensioner. Before retirement I worked at the blast furnace at Metallurgical Plant". At first I was a stoker and then last 10 years I worked as a safety inspector. Those who are familiar with work of stokers know that it is rather different from work of steel workers today. Now they boil steel in converter automatically by pushing buttons, but my generation did everything manually, using shovels and sometimes crowbars. It was really hot near the furnace and to get some fresh air we opened doors, as a result, there were drafts all the time, so it was impossible to be healthy. There I damaged my knees and lumbar disc.

The constant pain effects on your appearance. Within last 3 years I became very weak.

I could retire when I turned 50 and I was going to. I had no strenght left. I persevered to work the last year only because of painkiller injections. But I was lucky, the safety inspector job was vacant. The work was much easier and not at the furnace. New working conditions had a positive effect on my joint pains.I even stopped using painkillers for a while. But 3 years before my retirement I had an accident. Once when I went fishing I cut my leg. And apparently because of shock and the use of painkillers it disrupted my fragile health and the sharp pains in my knees and lumbar disc appeared again.

Because of the injury my arthritis progressed rapidly

I don't want to remember last three years. It was hell! Every morning my wife injected me with diklofenak, then I got second injection at work and third one in the evening. You might ask: Why didn't I retire? My son needed my help. He became father and at the same time got fired from work. And so I had to pull through somehow.

Last year at work I used a walking stick. And before a medical checkup I handed in my notice of leave. I wouldn't manage to cope with it, for sure.

How did I heal

According to my experience I can say that doctors often perscribe hondrozamin, hydrokortizon or diprospan...


And because of using diklofenak,I got stomachache. I had to start taking bismuth subnitrate to protect my stomach's mucous membrane.

By the time I found an effective remedy I had to do 4 punctures to remove liquid. Only at the end of the treatment pus came out. The doctor said that I would probably have to be operated to put the prosthesis. Instead of my joints I would get titanium ones. Later I found out that even if the operation went well I would still have to walk with a cane. And such operetion for both legs would cost at least 4 thousand dollars if they use German prosthesis. The Russian ones are cheaper, it`s about 1000 dollars, but they are more likely to cause complications over time. So I decided to think about it.

I thought about my future

I was on the verge of becoming disabled. And I couldn't find money for the operation.

My wife and I(She is my savior!) and decided to do the operation. Life does not end at 61 and money exist for spending.

But suddenly a miracle happened!

I`m so thankful to my wife. Husband of my wife`s school friend suffered from knee pain like me. Maybe pain wasn`t as severe as mine.

One day my wife was walking to the town center and a car stopped right next to her. Her friend's husband jumped out of the car and walked cheerfully to a shop.

That same day Caroline(my wife) called her friend and asked how her husband managed to heal his knees? She found out that he wasn`t operated.

I was saved by my wife Caroline and I am eternally grateful to her

Turned out that it was a new American remedy - Inflamaya Gel. Somehow it was delivered to Moscow then Igor could buy it and literally after a month he was back on his feet. I repeat AFTER A MONTH!

My wife and I lost hope for the best for me. The remedy could not yet be bought in the country. And we couldn't imagine how to order it from the USA because they sell almost every medicine only with the prescription. So we were prepairing for the operation.

After one month and a half Caroline's friend called us and said that Inflamaya Gel is undergoing certification in Russia. My wife begged her friend to find out more and it turned out that it was already certified and It was sold on the official website. I was probably one of the first to order it!

Inflamaya Gel

I massaged my wretched knees and waist using this gel. And, believe it or not, it helped! At first I thought it works like a painkiller, because 5-10 minutes after usage the pain is considerably removed. But then I felt that my waist feels much better. I used to say that I had lost all hope. I was going to be operated! But after a week of using this gel I was able to put my shoes on without the help of a half meter long shoehorn, I realized that Inflamaya Gel is a wonderful REMEDY!

Two weeks later I was able to walk for half an hour without feeling any pain in my knees! I was obviously healed! And another 2 weeks later I felt as a healthy man - the pain was gone! I was able to bend down, walk a lot and ride a bicycle(I love riding).

In the paast I couldn`t even sit on a bike, bot saying about 2 hour long cycling

Half a year passed after I was healed. Pain was gone, even though I stopped using Inflamaya Gel a long time ago! Now I can: go fishing, garden and cycling with my grandson! My wife and I are going to move to the South! We keep hearnig how beautiful it is there.

When you are healthy, playing with your grandson is not duty, but pleasure

So for those who suffer from arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis or all those whose joints and backs hurt, listen to my advice: Inflamaya Gel – heals joints!

Official website of Inflamaya Gel >>>

Matthew Adams, Wales.


  1. I've been using Inflamaya Gel for 2 weeks now. I am very happy with effect. Before, because of the damn osteochondrosis, I couldn't enjoy my life. It is very easy to use. I spread it over the painful area and pain was gone for the whole day. It works really fast. Once I got sharp pain in my waist and Inflamaya Gel helped to get rid of it within 5 minutes!

  1. I am very interested. I suffer from neck osteochondrosis because of that I have constant headache. Nothing helps, neither massages, nor traumeel injections. I am really hopeful about Inflamaya Gel!

  1. Inflamaya Gel will help you, Pavel. I am sure. My wife had the same. Inflamaya Gel is the remedy.

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  1. Thanks for the advice, Matthew Adams. I used to be an oarswoman. I injured my back. Because of the pains in my waist and back Icouldn`t relax. Inflamaya Gel became my magic wand.

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  1. Matthew Adams, I took your advice and ordered Inflamaya Gel. I suffer from polyarthritis and osteochondrosis. Inflamaya Gel really takes the pain away fast. But it is active within 16-18 hours, not 24. Is it true?

  1. Fay Shepherd, I am not a doctor, I just say that Inflamaya Gel really helped me. Keep using this gel. I am sure that you will eventually get rid of your pain.

  1. Thank You, Matthew Adams! Thanks to Inflamaya Gel I am active again! Because of the pain I couldn't sit or stand on my own. I was about to start using a cane, although I am only 55.

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